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All Natural immix products are manufactured under stringent  Health Canada regulations to certify premium quality

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Quality control procedures, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards and adherence to strict regulations ensure the standards of Health Canada are met.

Throughout the manufacturing process each formulation is submitted to quality control labs, where it is analyzed and approved for the presence of active ingredients and the absence of contaminants.

Quality control, at every step of manufacturing, ensures we deliver the purest and most natural finished product to our customers.

To verify that rigorous quality standards are met or exceeded, both raw materials and finished products are subjected to various tests by impartial third party laboratories ensuring accurate identity, integrity, potency, efficacy and safety.

All testing must pass specific requirements on documents called Certificates of Analysis.

Natural immix’s stringent level of quality assurance guarantees absolute pharmaceutical purity, consistent active potency, proven nutritional bio-availability and freshness in every product.

Quality/Certification Programs:

Quality Assurance Program
Vendor Validation Program
Product Recall Program
Environmental Control Program
Sanitation Program
Pest Control Program
Equipment Usage and Cleaning Program
Equipment Servicing and Calibration Program
Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Program
Personnel Training Program
Finished Product Testing Program
Sample Retention Program